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How to Get Started:

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The Intake Form-  The Quickest Way to Get Started

Let us email you an "Intake Form" and you can start faxing or emailing claims to our office immediately.  An Intake Form is a summary of the claim with the contact information for the indemnitors.  Fill it out for each case and attach the documents that support your claim.  For a claim of premium you would attach the bond, the indemnity agreement and a receipt or statement showing the amount owed.  For a forfeiture claim, you would attach the bond, the indemnity agreement, the judgment, a bill of costs if available and a receipt or copy of a check showing payment.  If you have not been set up as a client, you will be contacted when the files are received.    Request an "Intake Form" HERE.

Uploading Files Directly Into Our System-

After you have been set up as a client you will receive a "User Manual" that explains all of our procedures.  One of our most popular is the ability to upload files directly into our system by you or your staff.  The process if very simple and once you do it a couple of times you will be sending all of your files using this method because it is the easiest and simplist way to send us files.  Our staff with walk you through this process.  The User Manual also contains instructions for logging into the system and uploading files.  We also have training videos on our website that walk you through the process.  To get set up as a New Client contact us HERE.  To view the training video for uploading files into our system go HERE.  If you are contacted for additional documentation or if you want to add something to a file you can upload it at any time HERE.

We Pick Up and Return Files-

We also will pick up and return files to your office.  This is generally used for bondsmen in runoff by insurance companies.  We usually have one or two clients who send a large group of files this way at any given time.   If you would like for us to pick up files, please contact us HERE.