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The Professional Bondsmen of Texas

The Professional Bondsmen of Texas is the organiation that looks after the intersts of bondsmen before the Texas Legislature.  The organization proposes legislation and works to educate legislators on all issues bond related.  The organization also fights to defeat bills that would have a negative impact on the bail industry.  If you are not a member, you should join.

Continuing Education Classes

The Professional Bondsmen of Texas offer numerous continuing education classes across the State of Texas to allow you to satisfy your continuing educaiton needs.  

Texas Bail Bond Forms

Texas Bail Bond Forms is a website that will assist you in generating the forms you need to help in your bail bond business.  You select the form that you want, answer a few questions and the form is emailed to you ready to file in less than a minute.

Texas Bail News

Texas Bail News highlights all news bail related focusing on Texas and highlighting the news in the State and across the United States that is important to our industry.