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QUESTION NO. 1-  Do I have to make a copy of my files to send to you?

No.  You decide how your information will be handled.  Texas Bail Collections is leading the way in collecting for the Bail Bond Industry.  We have developed three different ways for your files to be entered into our system.  First, we have developed a client portal that allows you to enter your files directly into our system and upload the documents needed to verify your claim.  Second, we have devloped an intake form to allow you to prepare a summary of each claim and you can fax or email the form along with the appropriate documentation to our office for entry by our staff.  You can generate your own Intake Form HERE.  Third, we provide a service where we will pick up your files and we will scan each file into our system and then return the files to your office.  

QUESTION NO. 2-  Who will be contacting the debtors/indemnitors?

All contacts, either by letter or by telephone will be through a law office.  Any letter will be from an attorney and any telephone contacts will be on behalf of the law firm.

QUESTION NO. 3-   What do I do if a debtor/indemnitor wants to make a payment at my office after I have sent the file to you for collection?

We never want you to turn down a payment.  Period.  We have mutliple ways for you to accept payment.  First, if the client is paying by credit card, we can accept payment directly on the law firm's website and the payment will be credited directly to their account.  Second, if you receive cash, send us an email notification to payment@texasbailcollections.com and we will document that the payment was made and it will be entered on the system as an advance and we will adjust your report at the end of the month to account for this payment.

QUESTION NO. 4-  How transpartent is the process?

The process will be as transparent as possible.  We send you a report every month that we collect money for you with a check for your portion of the funds received.  Additionally, we provide a client portal which allow clients to view their account and the status of their files at any time.

QUESTION NO. 5-  How much will it cost me to allow Texas Bail Collections to work for me?

Texas Bail Collections will endeavor to collect 100% of the funds owed to you.  Any and all legal fees will be added to your claim.  Therefore, there is no cost to you for using our services.

QUESTION NO. 6-  How do I get started?  

Go HERE.  

Question No. 7- I have forgotten how to upload a file?

Refresh your memory by watching our training video.  It is located HERE.